10 YouTubers Who Went to Jail

Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTubers who Went to jail, I’ll miss you Alexia I know you’re in a better place right now, Italy hates vloggers, I’m sorry for me Sorry to the friends and family of Corey and I am truly sorry for this list To the fans of Corey, we will see a time when YouTube stars were misinterpreted as merciless pranks by legal authorities or worse these Any of the arrests were shocking, you let us know in the comments.

10 YouTubers who Went to jail
10 YouTubers who Went to jail

#10. Jake Paul

The Jake Paul brothers arrested during the riots are no strangers to legal trouble, he is not five years old, this is my father, this is my father, Hello Logan for allegedly flying drones over historic sites in Italy in 2017 Arrested, Drone Shots Are Illegal For he was present during a riot at the Scottsdale Arizona Mall, which led to a criminal trespassing charge. After he claimed that he was filming a future project, the case ended in an FBI raid on his mansion after which the charges were dropped.

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#9. Kanghua Ren

The Kanghua Ren Toothpaste Oreos Prank can be a fun way to mess with your friends, that’s a different matter entirely, however when you target a vulnerable stranger the reset was a Spanish gaming and YouTube challenge in 2017, He decided he was going to prank a homeless man while he was sitting. Alley was feeding her Oreos, replacing cream with toothpaste, the man threw them after swallowing, so Kanye gave the victim 20 euros and then uploaded the video, naturally, it got a huge response, in the initial interview. The prankster had absolutely no remorse and was eventually arrested in 2019, banned from youtube and ordered to pay 20,000 euros and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

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#8. Count Dancula

Count Dancula Offensive Joke in 2016 Scottish YouTuber Mac Meechan aka Counts Dancula decided it would be funny to upload a video of himself training his girlfriend’s pug to give a Nazi salute after he saw the dog as an aggressor. seen in the form, which was incited to respond to anti-Semitism. Question. As far as his arrest for being grossly objectionable sparking a public debate about freedom of expression is concerned, I just want everyone to know that I was actually talking about what I was saying in the video. I do not believe. The motive was only to harass his girlfriend. I really hate racism in any way. Meechan claims that the video was supposed to make his girlfriend laugh, but the court found it lacked credibility because his girlfriend had subscribed to his channel. She was ordered to pay a fine of £800, but she refused to donate the same amount to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital charity. The interesting thing is that a cute animal reacts to something Have you seen the video although 800 pounds was later confiscated from his bank account.

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#7. Ruslan Sokolovsky

Ruslan Sokolovsky Pokemon Go to Orthodox Church Pokemon Go was such a craze that encouraged kids and adults around the world to travel to their local areas while trying to catch their favorite Pokemon, the Russian government wants you all to Don’t catch , although at least not in the church. Russian media warned that playing Pokémon Go at sacred sites could result in prison, but Russian YouTuber Ruslan Sokolovsky actively challenged this by visiting the Yakatherinburg Church of All Saints to broadcast his adventures to his followers. The YouTuber was given suspended sentences of three and one for foreign troll station fake art robbery of half a year for inciting religious hatred. National portrait in the galleries of Tate Britain. With a speaker sounding the alarm they shouted and acted as if they were stealing a terrifying painting from patrons and were sent to elicit a reaction from the crowd to run to the target, which they had surely stunted. As a result members of the group were arrested and given jail time for the destruction they caused.

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#6. VitalyZdTv

Vitalyzdtv trespass Vitaly Zadorovsky is a prankster notorious for causing a scene ok guys are you ready to see the final product Trump sucks and then for president LeBron collaborates with Roman Atwood for a fake ATM robbery As a result of which both have now been arrested. what’s up again team it’s this shot camera we own the atm it’s all ours and this wasn’t the last time eski’s zador got in trouble hey guys it’s gonna happen it’s on its own About the pyramid at Giza that it climbs to the top when it arrives in 2020. Egypt I love you no disrespect I just want to bring a warning to the world we need to help Australia The stunt landed him in jail for five days.

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#5. White Boy

Alexander Wax, the white boy charged with a 7th Street drug felony, was a gaming streamer who was used by police to kick him in the door, but don’t give me a second here to get through any of the blame for his hold on people , while Wax quickly disappeared from his desk while streaming Days in 2014. There was a false report by Alex and his housewife, Kelly Pop, for the third time that month, but this time it was bad. was kind of finished, marijuana was found on the property youtubers arrested all the chargers and you guys have no idea how grateful i am that in the end he wasn’t charged and the experience made him green stuff And yes we are in the Breckenridge Colorado High Mountains.

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#4. J Station

J Station facing fake death abuse allegations Jason Matthews Ethier was a Canadian YouTuber who became infamous for his pranks and staged challenges at 3 a.m. People are coming back with a 3 p.m. challenge because you guys know my girlfriend alexia passed away in a tragic accident in 2018 she was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest at walt disney world but what was worse was that her stuff was stolen and Now they are arresting him in 2020 he announced that his girlfriend Alexia Morano was killed. An accident with a drunk driver ok man everything is going to be fine that many people went ahead to make the video where he visited the accident site and even tried to talk to his ghost, is there there’s a spirit that wants to talk to us Accused of assault is a weapon and I felt like he was trying to isolate me from my friends from my family and I felt really isolated and he and Murano were soon reunited but for a long time Not till time.

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#3. Boogie2988

Boogie2988 Warning Shot Stephen Jay Williams aka Boogie2988 is a veteran producer on YouTube who became famous for his character Francis and later his commentary video Where’s My Mountain Dew Uh what are you talking about, where is my mouth I put it In Putting the Microwave in 2020, Fellow YouTuber Frank Hassell began to harass Boogie, believing that Boogie was responsible for the termination of his channel, a situation that notably occurred when the trouble traveled to Boogie’s hometown. , I told him and someone else. It explained. made it abundantly clear that he was not welcome in my home due to his previous threats that I would point a gun at him in an interview with Keemstar Boogie, threatening to get into trouble if he stepped on his property, You’re fat, you won’t even open the door and then you’re going to be arrested on charges. Plea of ​​not guilty and we are going to do everything we can to make sure justice is done properly before our unveiling.

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#2. Prankster Zeeshan Soroya

our top picks here are some honorable mentions prince c fake medical emergency time class officers tried to save a life that wasn’t in danger police say this youtube shows prankster zeeshan soroya loss of consciousness behind the wheel the gas kings Cheating on pensioners Anthony Locke was imprisoned for cheating elderly German Abraham Luera Acosta inspiring YouTuber bitcoin ransom for kidnapping female hostage Daniel Silva Murder Inc. The Master contestant was arrested for a car collision that killed Corey Labrie, but says Silva was speeding when he crashed his high-end car, stopping him when he Tried to escape, and was later taken to hospital by ambulance. , , i’m sorry for me i’m sorry someone has friends and family and i’m really sorry for corey fans mona lisa perez encyclopedia stunt youtube kills her boyfriend during trial if someone can shoot a book.

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#1. Rocco Piazza Vlogs

Rocco Piazza Endangered Children This is probably the first time we’ve done something like this It’s illegal Holly Piazza and Brian Chase were behind the camera of the many adventures of nine-year-old Rocco Piazza as she and her nanny were in the pickup. The truck was deep in the water and parikrama, the problem came when his mom drove them out on the main road cars because the pair was driving from behind, I thought it was awesome and people love it and people hate it But it’s really good for us. The couple was arrested on rape charges and later charged with cleaning expenses. time for people to know the truth yes about youtube that we do not exploit children we no we are not abusing them or doing anything against their will do you agree with our choice.

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