A giant video screen fell during a Hong Kong pop concert dancers are injured.

A giant video screen fell during a Hong Kong pop concert dancers are injured.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – On Thursday, during a concert by the Hong Kong boyband Mirror, a big video panel fell onto the stage.

It hurt at least two dancers, one of them seriously.

As a result, the group has been banned from performing until an investigation is done.

People shared videos of the screen falling on social media, and Hong Kong media said that three people in the crowd were also hurt.

“I’m shocked,” said John Lee, the leader of Hong Kong. “I feel sorry for those who were hurt and hope they will get better soon.”

He said that the government would look into and review safety measures to protect performers, staff, and the public.

In the accident at Hong Kong’s Coliseum, next to Victoria Harbour, none of the band’s 12 members were hurt.

The band was scheduled to play 12 shows at the venue, but the city government told them to put those shows off.

Culture Secretary Kevin Yeung said that shows at the venue would be put on hold until the stage structure was checked and found to be safe.

“From what we saw at first, a wire broke, which caused the screen to fall and hurt the dancers,” Yeung said at a press conference on Friday.

In 2018, a reality TV show brought together the very popular cantopop group.

More than 13,000 Mirror fans signed an online petition asking the concert organizer to fix the problems and make sure everyone was safe.

PCCW Media Group, which is owned by Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li, owns the company that puts on concerts, MakerVille.

MakerVille said it was looking into the accident in detail.

It said, “We are very sorry that the incident upset viewers or anyone else who was affected.”


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