AT&T Unveils Fastest Broadband Internet

At&t communication is rolling out the fastest consumer broadband offered by any of the major internet providers in a move aimed at cable providers.

AT&T Unveils Fastest Broadband Internet
AT&T Unveils Fastest Broadband Internet

This coming after the company’s new 5g service went live last week At&t communications ceo jeff miguel fresh spoke earlier with our matt miller, take a listen, it’s a big day for us at Att because we are making progress on our mission to become america’s best connectivity provider and matt as you alluded to earlier as one of the largest, if not the largest fiber operator in america. We’re pleased to announce the availability of multi-gig across our footprint in over 70 metro markets and speeds.

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That you can get all the way up to 5 gig speeds for our fiber product which is the fastest, that’s available and i tell you that the purpose and why we’re doing this is, we actually listened to our customers we tested this service in raleigh durham north carolina last year and the response was overwhelming for over a year now we’ve been building out this network. That is multi-gig capable and today we announced the availability with some very attractive pricing.

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All right so i’m a little confused about the 5g rollout because i was getting 5g cellular service roaming weeks before the hubbub about what happened at the airports, then we had that it was a different 5g. what can you tell me about the safety of this network. You know conspiracy theorists have been up in arms about it for years and now the airports are worried too well. I know there’s a lot of fives and everything.

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We’re talking about today in the telecom industry first of all the speeds that we’re offering on our fiber network up to five gigabits. Is no correlation whatsoever to the 5g wireless services. That we offer here in the market and as you pointed out we’ve had 5g services turned on for quite some time. Now jeff mcelfresh there the ceo of At&t communications.

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