Barry Season 3 Episode 2 Breakdown | Recap & Review

Elliott back again breaking down this 3 season of barry episode 2, titled limonada which is spanish for lemonade in this episode. we literally see barry forcing his love on gene but speaking of love can sally get some proper love from barry or are they going to break up anytime soon and speaking of breaking up crystal ball and hank. We’ll be discussing that and so much more in today’s for the Barry Season 3 Episode 2review.

Barry Season 3 Episode 2 Review and Recap

What i had to say about this 3 season of berry episode 2 we’ll make sure you all are liking this review as well as sharing it but speaking of sharing go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments. Your pros your cons favorite moments, least favorite moments and of course. Your thoughts and theories of what you all hope to see in the weeks ahead before we get into this discussion though, i want to take the time to thank you all you’re so awesome last week, i asked the community what should we call the name of ourselves. So i’m going to be Barry Season 3 Episode 2 Review this every sunday and i got so many great comments, i’m going to read off a couple we have some for like example the barrymore the holly berries the berries. We have barry bond berries buddies. We have a lot of blackheads came through which i love those names member berries. Barry’s disciples just to name a few you all are hilarious you all are great and listen this is the name gonna go with i don’t have one cause i’m gonna put that pressure on you all i couldn’t pick one they were so great, so i’m gonna have you all re-enter those names in the comments below, whoever gets the most likes that’s the name, we’re going with let’s have some fun in the comments but hey we got a lot to break down full spoilers ahead, let’s get into it as we open the episode with seeing that barry yet still has gene in his trunk at least barry’s a nice enough guy to get gene some food from a burger place but he’s not nice enough to pay for the food because that was gene that paid for it.

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We’re going to be talking about the moral compass that is completely broken and also his mind barry, you need some help my friend but getting back to the conversation, we learned that barry’s genius idea is to have gene be a part of sally’s show just before he can get over this is a great way to help him, you know get over janice’s death. what is going on with bear who gave him that idea. it is a terrible idea he brings this idea to sally who is not really on board with this. she’s she claims that she came up with a similar idea but she just wasn’t able to get the producers on board. i don’t know if she really did that but that doesn’t matter because listen get the bells going off the alarms are going off. we have a barry bomb coming right now as he snaps in front of everybody forcing sally to do it because he won’t live if he can’t make this happen and at first i’m thinking to myself this ain’t real barry’s not doing this in front of everyone because we’ve seen this in shows and movies. where we see and we’ve seen it in barry before we see our character in their head this is how they want to react to something but they don’t do it barry did this he’s embarrassing himself right now in front of everyone and we see sally and i kind of feel so bad for sally last week. she was kind of being rude to her friend from the comments from the uh casting acting class. when she was like making her make a sandwich and all that but i still feel for sally based on what we learned last season with her relationship with sam and correct me from wrong but i was getting very sam vibes in this scene because she was kind of you know playing coy laughing it off and then we see her later on like kissing up to barry like. it’s not your fault barry was being an so i think we’re going to be this is the beginnings of what i mentioned last week will we see sally and barry make it in the season.

i hope not especially the way barry’s treating her let me know what you all thought about that opening scene as we get back into the conversation let’s focus on crystal ball here for a second as his friends from bolivia have arrived led by fernando and after having hank he wants hank to come over. He learns that fernando has brought his elite assassins to take out the rest of hank’s crew little does he know most of the crew is eliminated but it’s blood for blood which getting back into the conversation with crystal ball the bolivians head over to hank’s greenhouse. they shoot up the place only to learn that no one’s there thanks to the messages and the warnings from crystal ball and this is where we kind of get into the heartbreak going on here crystal ball wants hank to run from this elite assassins but in him wanting him to run unfortunately this relationship for now at least has been broken up crystal ball wants to keep hank safe and he wants to end things and he wants hank to be safe and then i got a really big light bulb that came with my head. you know what’s gonna happen with this plot, i might be wrong but i think, i might be right, we all remember last week when barry came to hank’s house begging to get a hit job well i think he just found this job i bet you we’re gonna see noho hank go to barry hey betty. I have a job for you he’s gonna want barry to kill off this elite assassins i could be completely wrong but again i don’t know. i think hank is madly in love with crystal ball and wants to be with him so he’s going to get the best assassin that he knows to take out these elite assassins.

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let me know what you all think about that but let’s check back in with barry and sally as he has a plan b barry heads over to jay roach which we know is a real time director who made a cameo in last year’s season finale or season 2 season finale and he we know that barry dissed him he kind of dismissed the whole process because of obviously what happened with fuchs taking on gene and we all know that stuff there but he finds out which i thought was so funny. he’s been replacing j-wrote’s film by adam devine and josh gad who they say are not funny. i think it’s probably like an inside joke. i don’t think they were taking a dig at those two actors which i think they’re funny i’m a big workaholics fans, i’m a big fan of that show but let’s get back into the conversation of course barry gets another role just dropped right in his lap after failing of this plan b because the producers as we learned this episode. gene doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to auditions but back into it very interesting moment here we see that elsie’s fisher’s character is going around asking. hey can there’s something be done with the behavior that we just saw from sally’s boyfriend barry and unfortunately, i think this kind of speaks to a larger issue with hollywood and just you know physical abuse verbal abuse they’re like there’s really nothing we can do and i bet you this plot’s gonna leave too elsie’s fisher’s character is gonna probably try to keep sally safe and like look out for her sneaking around seeing. what barry’s up to and i bet you she’s gonna see something that she doesn’t need to see involving barry doing a hit and he’s gonna maybe have to kill her might be a bit of a stretch there but again, i don’t want to ignore the fact that that is really messed up that there’s nothing that can be done again, i know they asked her did he hit her did he throw something at her it was just more yelling but i mean that’s that’s signs of like abuse .

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now we know barry probably, i don’t know because barry right now is crazy, i don’t know if he’ll physically hurt you know sally but and we know how sally kind of has had previous abuse relationship with sam, so we’ll see what’s going on with that plot, i i’m not a fan of barry’s behavior right now in front of sally but let me know what you all think will come of elsie fisher’s character back into catching up with barry who’s completely lost his mind. barry wants to keep gene his hostage but he also wants gene to help him with his audition like what he’s completely checked out who in his right mind would think that you just kidnapped someone and you want their help someone get bury some help please asap gene tells him he tries to be a good actor because he tells barry he’s a good guy, he understands his pain he understands he wants to help him with his recent behavior and we see barry have a nice sentiment moment like i love you gene and this is where, i’m thinking that barry might you know either let him go or try to find something that’s a little bit more sensible and getting this situation figured out nope barry just goes right back to reading his lines like this guy is completely clueless and can’t seem to read a room speaking of reading the room. we see barry heads back to his audition and pours his heart out to the producers he inevitably gets gene to be an extra in this film and we keep hearing these stories about gene.

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By the way which he is not the best person to audition with like again and that’s another theme, we talked about last week forgiveness there are the dualities of these characters right all of our characters have another sights in them. we know that with barry with sally and of course with jean, so they’re trying to in very sick mind everyone deserves a second chat chance including jean and himself again barry there are some screws loose in your head. my friend back into sally who learns that her show needs to be bumped up because there’s a competition another show with a very similar premise which i thought was funny that screenshot of the other person i believe the name of the show was pam which reminded me of the office but that actress, she’s a comedian actually, i don’t follow her on instagram but i’ve seen some of her posts she’s actually pretty funny, i think her name is caitlin riley if i’m not mistaken, i wonder if she’s gonna make an appearance and if she’s gonna be like this competition that we physically see in the show with sally let me know what you all think about that but getting back into let’s have this conversation because we see the behavior by barry and we see how barry was treating sally this episode but this is why i said i feel like sally’s going back to how she felt being around sam she did nothing wrong in that conversation earlier in the episode but yet she’s getting buried his uh some dinner some spaghetti. i think she mentioned she buys him a new controller that we know was broken in last week she’s doing all the things like she was in the wrong but no sally you did nothing wrong. it was all barry’s fault as he calls her and says you know i got the gig doesn’t apologize she apologizes to him and he accepts her apology and then she’s even still trying to have a conversation he’s like being short with her sally get out of this relationship you already experienced, it with sam and again i know we’re barry fans here but she needs to find love elsewhere or barry needs to get his stuff together because right now he’s looking like a complete again.

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I’m a berry fan but i’m not a fan of this behavior and also i mean he is a killer we can’t forget that but let me know what you all think about all that but wrapping up the episode here we see that after this is perfect berry going on while barry’s on the phone with her gene escapes he goes over to this backyard. where this woman has a bunch of dogs he gets attacked by the dog. he comes across this person who’s on their lunch break he asks for an uber or not an uber he asks for an internet. internet taxi as and this is again perfect barry we see that she’s like the car is here it’s actually barry who’s chasing down gene only to get hit by, i assume that was the internet taxi that was called for gene he hits the taxi uber and we see gene running down the alley with his newfound four-legged friend he goes back home he’s telling his son leo to call the cops but as he’s doing that guess, who’s there it is the one and only crazy ass barry sitting on the couch with his hand on jane’s grandson’s shoulders like barry my goodness. you are evil the question all last season was is very evi,l i think we have the answers ladies and gentlemen in this very scene as we see barry again can’t read a room he tells gene, i got you the role which gene was pretty surprised and he says i love you gene, i want you to say it back can you say it back again forcing his love because we all know speaking to the character he hasn’t been loved fuchs does not show him love, we know that barry is as loveless so it’s it kind of makes sense, why he’s trying to force this love because this is the only like male figure that, we know of in barry’s life that’s shown him actually genuinely care for him but again the way he’s showing it back is completely toxic as we know we see gene you know muffles to him or he loves you barry and he tells him hey be happy take the second sans or else and this is my evil common berry i’m gonna kill your son and your grandson that is some evil stuff there again barry, i don’t know what we’re gonna do with him this season, i don’t know what it’s gonna take for barry to get, i don’t know if there’s any more human left and barry, i’ll be honest with you all, i really don’t know what the show’s gonna do with the character because right now. he is so in the red so in the clueless so like completely checked out what is it gonna take to get barry to be redeemable if he is at all redeemable but also let me know your thoughts on my theory about the bolivians being the next hit job that hank’s gonna give barry that you all think that and what do you think will happen with barry and his relationship with not only gene but also sally and should sally leave her leave barry.

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Let’s talk about that in the comments i really enjoyed. this episode the performances are always on point, i love how we can go from 0 to 100 so quick really had a good time with this episode and i can’t wait to talk about Barry Season 3 episode 3 with you all in the next week’s breakdown, if you stuck around to this point in the review, i can’t thank you enough again let’s come up with a name whoever gets the most likes in the comments that’s the name we’re gonna go be going with but speaking of comments, before you all leave make sure you like the review share the review again leave your thoughts in the comments section your theories and everything in between.

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