Birmingham Woman found dead after house destroyed in suspected gas explosion

The gas explosion completely destroyed one house and damaged others in north Birmingham.

Birmingham Woman found dead after house destroyed in suspected gas explosion
Birmingham Gas Explosion

Police said- Obviously we got several calls after 8:30 last night for this incident and on arrival it was clear that there was a gas explosion, there was a male casualty who was immediately taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, that there is no update on the casualty.

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What we can confirm at this time though is that sadly a woman has lost her life in this incident, this woman was relatively quickly identified within the property, but apparently this man was removed. We have been unable to make this statement so far due to the process of identification and identification process, obviously this is really sad and sad not only for the local community for the individuals involved but especially for the family and friends of the persons affected by this.

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We continue to thank the local residents in terms of their support and understanding and the next steps for the Fire Service Police and the Gas Board to intensify the investigation into the cause of this explosion now, we know it is gas, but in fact What is the cause of the gas explosion, it is probably going to take a long time to manage only the expectations, you will see in our media and videos and photos the devastation it caused in which a property was completely destroyed and a and three properties that have been substantially damaged, resulting in a total of 21 people dead.

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Taman and have moved back to a mix of family members’ homes and hotels provided by the City of Birmingham. council so the investigation is probably uh probably going to take the rest of the day, at least when we pick through the rubble and try and identify what’s causing it.

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