Chetan Bhagat: A Biography of the Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author and motivational speaker who was born on the 22nd of April, 1974.

He is a learned alumnus of the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology and Management.

Before embracing his literary calling, Bhagat had a stint as an investment banker. Known for his contemporary fiction novels, his work delves deep into themes of amour, ambition, and societal issues.

His bestselling works, among them “Five Point Someone”, “2 States”, and “Half Girlfriend”, have captivated audiences far and wide.

In addition to his prowess as a wordsmith, Bhagat is also a renowned public speaker and social media savant, commanding a vast following on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

WifeAnusha Suryanarayanan Bhagat
Sons (Twin)Shyam Bhagat, Ishaan Bhagat
BrotherKetan Bhagat
chetan bhagat info table
chetan bhagat wife
chetan bhagat wife old pic
OccupationAuthor, Columnist, Motivational Speaker
BornApril 22, 1974
EducationBachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi
Master of Business Administration from IIM Ahmedabad
Famous Works“Five Point Someone”, “One Night @ the Call Center”,
“The 3 Mistakes of My Life”, “2 States”, “Half Girlfriend”
Literary StyleContemporary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Personal LifeMarried to Anusha Bhagat, two children
Social MediaTwitter (@chetan_bhagat), Instagram (@chetanbhagat)

Early Life and Education of Chetan Bhagat: A Formative Journey

Family BackgroundChetan Bhagat’s parents were highly educated, with his father serving in the Indian Army and his mother working for the government. Their diverse cultural experiences, coupled with his father’s emphasis on education, had a profound impact on Bhagat’s upbringing.
EducationBhagat attended the prestigious Army Public School in Delhi before obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He later completed his MBA from the renowned Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad.
Early InfluencesBhagat’s love for reading, particularly Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, Agatha Christie’s mysteries, and Jeffrey Archer’s novels, instilled a passion for storytelling. He was also inspired by his father’s discipline and dedication to education and the exposure to diverse cultures due to his father’s Army postings.
Career AmbitionsBhagat initially aspired to become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force, but later considered a career in the business world.
Turning PointReading Alvin Toffler’s book “The Third Wave” sparked Bhagat’s interest in management and business. Winning a short story competition in college also motivated him to pursue writing as a hobby.
Early Writing CareerAfter completing his MBA and working at a bank, Bhagat started writing part-time. His first book, “Five Point Someone,” was published in 2004, becoming a bestseller and launching his writing career full-time.
Education of Chetan Bhagat table

From Investment Banker to Literary Sensation: The Inspiring Career of Chetan Bhagat

Bhagat’s journey from finance to fiction is inspiring, as he went on to become a literary sensation with his best-selling novels that have captivated readers worldwide.

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chetan bhagat old pic
chetan bhagat old pic

His unique ability to seamlessly blend humor, drama, and social commentary into his stories has made him a household name in India and beyond.

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Bhagat’s relatable characters and engaging storytelling style have resonated with a broad audience, establishing him as one of India’s most beloved contemporary writers.

Controversies and Criticisms of Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat has faced his fair share of controversies and criticisms throughout his career. His public image and reputation have been shaped by various factors, including his writing style, choice of subjects, and personal life.

chetan bhagat wife
chetan bhagat wife
Delhi University’s decision to include “Five Point Someone” in the undergraduate syllabus
Criticism that popular fiction has no place in academia
Bhagat’s surprise at the criticism, suggesting it stemmed from a disregard for popular fiction
Accusations of plagiarism from writer Anvita Bajpai regarding “One Indian Girl”
Criticism of Bhagat’s writing style, with some feeling his works have become predictable and lacking in meaningful messages
Criticism that Bhagat’s social commentary is weak and overly sentimental
Bhagat’s choice of subjects, which allowed exploration of themes such as parental pressure and career choices
Controversies table

Chetan Bhagat has responded to criticisms of his work in various ways. He has displayed a sense of humor on social media, often making light of the criticisms he receives. Bhagat has also acknowledged the existence of a “mini-industry powered by Chetan Bhagat-hate,” suggesting that some people thrive on criticizing him.

In an interview, he mentioned that he has learned to dispassionately talk about the criticism he receives and that it no longer bothers him enough to disrupt his work.

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Bhagat has also defended his writing, stating that his books are meant to be opinion pieces rather than expert analyses. Overall, Bhagat seems to have developed a thick skin and a pragmatic approach to dealing with the criticisms and controversies surrounding his work.

chetan bhagat with his family
chetan bhagat with his family

List of Books By Chetan Bhagat

chetan bhagat books
chetan bhagat books
Book TitleYearSummary
Five Point Someone2004The book follows three friends at an elite engineering college in India, exploring their struggles with academic pressure and societal expectations.
One Night at the Call Center2005Set during a night shift at a call center, the book follows a group of young employees as they deal with personal and professional challenges, including love and career aspirations.
The 3 Mistakes of My Life2008The book tells the story of three friends who start a business against the backdrop of political and religious turmoil in Gujarat, India, exploring themes of ambition, friendship, and social change.
2 States2009The book follows a couple from different cultural backgrounds as they navigate their families’ expectations and societal norms while trying to make their relationship work.
Revolution 20202011Set in the fictional town of Varanasi, the book explores the themes of love, corruption, and ambition as the characters navigate their lives in a rapidly changing India.
Half Girlfriend2014The book follows the journey of a Bihari boy in his quest to win over a girl he loves from Delhi, exploring themes of love, ambition, and societal expectations.
Making India Awesome2015The book is a collection of essays and columns by Chetan Bhagat, exploring the challenges and opportunities facing modern India, and offering suggestions for positive change.
One Indian Girl2016The book follows the story of Radhika, a successful banker, as she navigates love, career, and societal expectations, exploring themes of feminism and gender roles.
The Girl In Room 1052018The book is a thriller, following the protagonist Keshav as he tries to solve the mystery of his ex-girlfriend’s death while also dealing with personal demons and complicated relationships.
India Positive2019The book is a collection of essays and columns by Chetan Bhagat, offering a positive and optimistic view of India’s future and exploring the country’s potential for growth and development.
400 Days2021‘400 Days’ is the story of Alia, a mother who is determined to find her missing son while grappling with a failing marriage and individuality.
chetan bhagat books list

Beyond Fiction: Chetan Bhagat’s Political Activism

Chetan Bhagat’s Political Activism: Notable Moments
In 2011, Bhagat actively participated in the anti-corruption protests led by Anna Hazare, supporting the Jan Lokpal Bill.
In 2016, he launched a Twitter campaign called #BlockNarendraModi, expressing his concerns over the Indian government’s decision to demonetize high-value currency notes.
Bhagat has been a strong advocate for political and electoral reforms in India, promoting greater transparency and accountability in the political system.
In 2019, he wrote an article criticizing the Indian government’s decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting the move’s undemocratic nature and potential to worsen the region’s situation.
Bhagat has also been involved in efforts to promote education and civic engagement in India, including initiatives to encourage young people to vote and participate in the democratic process.
Beyond Fiction

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Literary Themes in Bhagat’s Works

Bhagat’s books deal with a wide range of social and political issues, making them relevant to Indian society. His first two books, “Five Point Someone” and “One Night at the Call Center,” deal with the pressure that young people face in Indian society to succeed academically and professionally.

chetan bhagat family old photo
chetan bhagat family old photo

In “Five Point Someone,” Bhagat explores the lives of three students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) who struggle to cope with the academic pressure at the institute. The book addresses themes of parental expectations, academic pressure, and the consequences of failure.

In “One Night at the Call Center,” Bhagat writes about the lives of six call center employees who are facing various personal and professional problems. The book addresses themes of job insecurity, modern relationships, and the impact of globalization on the Indian economy.

Bhagat’s third book, “The 3 Mistakes of My Life,” deals with the lives of three friends who are struggling to find their place in society. The book addresses themes of friendship, love, and the impact of communalism on Indian society.

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Bhagat’s fourth book, “2 States,” deals with the complex issues of inter-caste marriage in India. The book addresses themes of cultural differences, familial expectations, and the challenges of modern relationships.

Bhagat’s later works, such as “Half Girlfriend” and “One Indian Girl,” explore themes of gender equality, modern relationships, and the challenges of being a young adult in India.

Chetan Bhagat’s Inspiration and Process

Chetan Bhagat has professed his inspiration from the life of the Indian middle class and the concept of “aspirational India”.

His works, which depict the experiences, struggles, and aspirations of the Indian youth, are a testament to this influence. Bhagat’s simplistic writing style, combined with relatable characters, has garnered a broad readership base.

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His works carry an Indian essence that adds an engaging and captivating touch to his storytelling.

Bhagat invests his efforts in creating characters that his target audience can connect with, making his books all the more accessible to his readers.

Chetan Bhagat and Bollywood: An Association that Shaped Indian Cinema

Book TitleBollywood MovieRelease Year
Five Point Someone3 Idiots2009
One Night at the Call CenterHello2008
The 3 Mistakes of My LifeKai Po Che!2013
2 States2 states2014
Half GirlfriendHalf Girlfriend2017
Chetan bhagat Cinema life

Additionally, Chetan Bhagat has also written the screenplay for the Bollywood movie “Kick,” starring Salman Khan, which was released in 2014.

Entrepreneurial Ventures of Chetan Bhagat

Here is a list of Chetan Bhagat’s entrepreneurial ventures in tabular form:

LI5E Electronics BrandChetan Bhagat launched his own electronics brand on Flipkart2016
Electric Car SpaceChetan Bhagat was reported to be considering a venture into electric cars2017
Entrepreneurial Ventures of Chetan Bhagat table

Upcoming Project of Chetan Bhagat: “The Girl in Room 105”

In his latest novel, “The Girl in Room 105,” Chetan Bhagat explores the complexities of modern love and the intricacies of relationships in the Indian context.

The book tells the story of Keshav Rajpurohit, an IIT graduate, and his struggle to move on from his ex-girlfriend Zara, a Kashmiri Muslim.

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The author has described the novel as an “unlove story,” which challenges conventional notions of romance and presents a nuanced portrayal of the dynamics between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Scheduled to be published in October by Westland, “The Girl in Room 105” promises to be another compelling addition to Bhagat’s literary work.

Notable Quotes by Chetan Bhagat

“Love makes you blind.”This quote highlights the power of love and how it can sometimes cloud our judgment.
“Giving an advice is funny and easy.”This quote emphasizes that giving advice is often easier than actually implementing it in one’s own life.
“Forgiving doesn’t make the person who hurt you feel better, it makes you feel better.”This quote emphasizes the importance of forgiveness for one’s own well-being and peace of mind.
“The world’s most sensible person and the biggest idiot both stay within you. The worst part is you can’t even tell who is who.”This quote highlights the duality within each person and the challenge of recognizing and balancing these aspects of oneself.
Notable Quotes by Chetan Bhagat table

Summary to The Biography of a Prolific Writer: Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is a highly acclaimed author who has made a significant impact on Indian literature.

His relatable writing style and focus on the experiences, struggles, and aspirations of the Indian youth have made him a popular figure among readers across the country.

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Bhagat’s ability to create characters that resonate with his target audience, coupled with his incorporation of an Indian touch in his stories, has made his books not only interesting and engaging but also a valuable contribution to the literary landscape of India.

With each new book, he continues to captivate readers with his insightful narratives and unique perspective on contemporary issues, firmly establishing himself as a prominent voice in the Indian literary world.

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