Dr. Ritesh Malik: The Medical Doctor turned Entrepreneur

Dr. Ritesh Malik is an Indian doctor, entrepreneur, and investor. He runs a virtual Startup Accelerator in India, currently investing in and mentoring 11 startups across various industries.

He was the first investor & mentor of FIN ROBOTICS, which became the first Indian hardware product company to raise Series A venture funding.

In 2015 Ritesh plans to launch his latest funding venture, ‘Project Guerrilla’, his vision for a premiere India based accelerator & incubation center.

Overview to Dr. Ritesh Malik

NameDr. Ritesh Malik
BornNew Delhi
OrganisationProject Guerrilla, Innov8 Coworking
Home TownNew Delhi
Height167 cm
ParentsDr. Ravi Malik (father)
Dr. Renu Kohli Malik (mother)
Overview to Dr Ritesh Malik Table
dr ritesh malik wife
dr ritesh malik wife

Dr Ritesh Malik net worth

Dr Ritesh Malik net worth is not public officially but he made 220 Crores in 3 Years.

Education of Dr Ritesh Malik

InstitutionDegree/DiplomaField of StudyYear
Delhi Public School, Mathura RoadHigh School Diploma1993 – 2007
Dr MGR Educational and Research InstituteBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)Medicine2007 – 2012
Ganga Ram Hospital in DelhiInternship
London School of EconomicsPost Graduation
Harvard UniversityCompleted A Semester
Education of Dr Ritesh Malik Table
dr ritesh malik childhood photos
dr ritesh malik childhood photos

Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
LinkedInClick Here
TwitterClick Here
LastestInBollywood Home PageClick Here
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The brainchild of Ritesh, Innov8 Coworking

Innov8 Coworking, the brainchild of Ritesh, was born out of his ardent love for entrepreneurship and his desire to promote it across India.

With an ambitious vision to create a platform that would connect and nurture a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, corporates, innovators, and investors under one roof and in a convivial environment, Innov8 was incubated and seed funded by Y-Combinator, a San Francisco-based startup accelerator, during the Summer School of 2016.

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Through sheer hard work, Innov8 has grown into one of India’s leading names in the coworking ecosystem, with a significant impact on productivity and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and enterprises.

dr ritesh malik with pm modi
dr ritesh malik with pm modi, sandeep maheshwari

In a remarkable feat, Innov8 was acquired by Softbank-backed OYO in 2019, becoming India’s second-largest coworking space, with a presence in over 13 cities across the country and an asset under management of over a million square feet.

It is noteworthy that after Y-Combinator, Innov8 received seed funding from several distinguished individuals, including Vijay Shekhar Sharma of PayTM, Rajan Anandan of Google and Sequoia, Kunal Shah of Freecharge and Cred, and Ambiga Subramanium of MuSigma, among others.

Today, Innov8 remains a shining example of the Indian startup ecosystem, a testament to the power of innovation, hard work, and community-building.

Ritesh Malik, The Angel Investor

Ritesh, a renowned angel investor, has emerged as one of the most active investors in the Indian startup ecosystem, having invested in more than 60 startups in the past six years.

Some of the remarkable startups in his portfolio include Safe Securities (John Chambers), Sarva Yoga, Sheroes, Sattviko, Josh Talks, PeeSafe, and Dukaan.

IO, SectorQube, Inc42, Greenberry Organics, QDesk (JLL), Leverage Edu (Blume/Tomorrow Capital), CivilCops, Pesto (Matrix), OrangeWood (YC), Inito (YC), Pumpkart, StylDotMe, TapChief (Unacademy), Asimov Robotics, Addodoc (Sheroes), Ketto, Nimo, Stage, Mashinga, Wigzo, Uppekka, Pepper (Lightspeed), Wifidabba (YC), Khabri (YC), Agnikul Satellites, Infeedo (YC), TSB, Trulymadly, Thinkpot, Kawa Space, Bima Inc (YC), Sublist, and many others.

Ritesh embarked on his entrepreneurial journey back in 2012, while he was in his final year of MBBS and pursuing his CRRI at Ganga Ram Hospital, with an augmented reality startup called Adstuck.

dr ritesh malik photo
dr ritesh malik photo

Adstuck’s flagship product, Alive, was designed, operated, and transferred to Bennett & Coleman (Times of India) under Ritesh’s leadership.

Ritesh’s unparalleled expertise and insight into the startup landscape have positioned him as a key player in the Indian startup ecosystem, and his investments have provided a platform for countless entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and unleash their potential.

Recognition and Awards for Ritesh Malik

Ritesh is a prominent figure in the Indian startup ecosystem, and his exceptional leadership skills and contributions have earned him widespread recognition from the industry and media fraternity.

AchievementAwarding OrganizationYear
Forbes 30 under 30 AsiaForbes Magazine2016
Fortune 40 under 40 IndiaFortune Magazine2018
PWC & SPH 40 Influential IndiansPWC and SPH2017
Business World 40 Under 40Business World Magazine2017
St. Gallens Leadership Award (Switzerland)St. Gallen Symposium2018
The Coworking WonderEntrepreneur Magazine2018
Star of Delhi awardHurun Report2019
Featured on the cover of Elite Magazine in May 2019Elite Magazine2019
Recognition and Awards for Ritesh Malik Table
dr ritesh malik with sandeep maheshwari photos
dr ritesh malik with sandeep maheshwari photos

His expertise has led to frequent appearances on national & international media channels such as AajTak, Al-Jazeera, CNBC, CNN, Zee News, NDTV, Moneycontrol, India TV, India News, Zee Business, ET Now, where he shares his insights on healthcare, technology, startups, and economics.

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Dr Ritesh Malik: The Motivational Speaker

Ritesh possesses an unwavering zeal to nurture and expand the startup ecosystem of India.

He firmly believes that the most effective way to realize our aspiration of a 5 Trillion $ economy is by amplifying software development and exports from Indian soil.

To this end, he actively collaborates with government and non-government institutions to foster entrepreneurship by sharing stories, encouraging seed capital, and cultivating college entrepreneurial communities.

dr ritesh malik
dr ritesh malik

He’s a passionate orator and has been invited to speak at renowned institutions like Harvard University, Babson University, IIM-Ahmedabad, Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises, TiECon Silicon Valley, TEDx, Josh Talks, Nasscom, Startup Village, and Fortune Media.

Philanthropy and Dr. Ritesh Malik

Ritesh’s entrepreneurial journey has taken a philanthropic turn, as he now focuses on supporting non-profits that align with his deep passions.

After selling Innov8 to the OYO Group, he has actively worked towards building a philanthropic trust that supports causes such as education, cybersecurity, startup policy regulations, and village empowerment.

He is a founding member and seed donor at Plaksha University, which is a 50-acre campus under construction in Mohali.

dr ritesh malik playing
dr ritesh malik playing

Additionally, he presides on the board of AAH, India’s largest helpline for cybercrime, and Muskaan Dreams, an organization that empowers government schools with technology.

In 2020, Ritesh co-founded ADIF (Architects of Digital India) Foundation, a section 8 not-for-profit company that focuses on building policy regulations around technology companies operating in India.

The foundation’s goal is to build a sustainable and holistic technology ecosystem in India, ensuring a level playing field for all players.

Ritesh’s humanitarian efforts continued in 2020/21, as he and his family-run hospital, Radix, provided front-line assistance to COVID patients through a free consultation, procurement of supplies such as vaccinations, oxygen concentrators, essential medicines, and remote care. His selfless service to the nation is a true inspiration to all.

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dr ritesh malik with his friends
dr ritesh malik with his friends

Core Values and Principles of Dr. Ritesh Malik

TrustDoing the right thing consistently builds trust and leads to long-term, sustainable success.
Digital All the WayTechnology is essential for businesses to survive and thrive. Every business will become a technology business, and those that don’t leverage technology will be left behind.
Product SupremacyGreat companies are built on great products that add value to all stakeholders. Focus on building products that are continuously evolving and built to last.
Marathon Vs SprintBuilding institutions takes time, and compounding returns lead to long-term success. Don’t compare yourself to others and stay focused on creating value over time.
Passion EconomyFollow your passion and mission, and build institutions that align with your values and goals.
Health & WellnessHealth is essential to overall well-being, and maintaining positive physical and mental health is crucial. Focus on staying lean, consuming positive food, and meditating to achieve positive health.
Core Values and Principles of Dr. Ritesh Malik Table

The 2nd Dream Project of Dr. Ritesh Malik: Project Guerrilla

Ritesh is heading up a startup accelerator wherein they help startups from the areas of healthcare, technology, education & energy to create valuable solutions, extensive research modules & market their products globally.

They acquire a minor stake in an idea, or an NPA (nonperforming asset). They then turn around the company through their management knowledge, work hard with the founders, instill motivation & take the company to the next level.

After this, Ritesh’s core team has an option either to exit the company or expand the business.

Notable Quotes by Dr. Ritesh Malik

“Healthcare is the most unorganized sector in India. In spite of the fact that it is the second largest revenue shareholder of the world after agriculture, spending on healthcare by the government is limited.”

“Doctors in India do not pursue the entrepreneurial path, and I believe the system changes only when entrepreneurs take the initiative to change it.”

“Innovation & implementation of new ideas is all it takes to subtly improvise the system. Also, the Indian healthcare system is deeply fragmented.”

Dr. Ritesh Malik’s Advice to Doctorpreneurs

“I would suggest doctors think out of the box. Go digital & create products in the field of healthcare. The market is huge & the returns on investments are mindboggling.

I believe that doctors have an extra edge that technocrats don’t, because they know the industry in depth.

Also, the next BIG thing in healthcare entrepreneurship will not be in the developed nations, it’ll be in the developing nations & rural areas of the world.

The gap is massive & whoever will help patients to access quality information, prevent diseases & cure ailments will be the next man/woman in the Forbes 500 list.”


Dr. Ritesh Malik is an Indian medical professional, entrepreneur, and investor, whose innovative mind has led to the establishment of numerous groundbreaking ventures.

Dr. Malik currently operates a virtual Startup Accelerator in India, investing in and mentoring a diverse array of startups spanning various industries.

His visionary approach to investment and entrepreneurship is underscored by his role as the first investor and mentor of FIN ROBOTICS, which became the first Indian hardware product company to raise Series A venture funding.

In 2015, Dr. Malik embarked upon his latest venture, ‘Project Guerrilla,’ which is poised to become a premier India-based accelerator and incubation center.

Dr. Malik is a man of many talents, having received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from the esteemed Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, and completed a semester at the illustrious Harvard University.

His entrepreneurial acumen manifested in the form of Innov8 Coworking, an enterprise that has had a significant impact on productivity and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and enterprises across India.

Innov8 was seed-funded by the San Francisco-based startup accelerator Y-Combinator, and after its acquisition by Softbank-backed OYO in 2019, it became India’s second-largest coworking space.

Dr. Malik is also a prominent angel investor, having invested in more than 60 startups in the past six years, including Sheroes, Sarva Yoga, and Infeedo (YC), among others.

His exceptional leadership skills and contributions have earned him widespread recognition from the industry and media fraternity, including being named in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia (2016) and Fortune 40 under 40 India (2018), among other notable accolades.

Dr. Malik’s innovative spirit, coupled with his unparalleled expertise and insight into the startup landscape, make him an invaluable player in the Indian startup ecosystem and a true inspiration to us all.

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