Dubai Porta Potty exposed viral video Twitter link

If you are here searching for Dubai Potter Party (Porta Potty) Dubai Video, Twitter and YouTube Link and also meaning then you have come to the right article.

Dubai Porta Potty exposed viral video Twitter link
Porta Potty Dubai Video

What is Porta Potty in Dubai?

The first time, I heard the phrase Dubai Porta Potty was last week on Tik Tok, apparently this has been going on for almost a few years now as of 2016 and more and more Instagram influencers come forward with their own confessions and encounters every now and then. Luxury parties and some of these encounters in Dubai are bizarre, trust me many young people might assume that Instagram models and influencers are living their dream lives with their alleged sponsorship deals and brand endorsement money, but some Influencers share completely different story with their followers about how they made their money.

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Porta Potty Meaning

Now let’s find out the meaning of potter party dubai, am I even pronouncing the correct porta potty dubai phrase which, as I said earlier, has been trending on the internet for a few years now, although many people think of it as the back of the porta potty dubai, It is difficult to understand the real idea of in simple words, it is supposedly apiary where wealthy Arab men and sometimes white men take Instagram models and influencers to sex parties in lavish and luxury settings for a ridiculous salary, these wealthy people often in their luxuria yards or The quirks of encounters range from multiple males putting salmon on females’ faces and not allowing them to wipe this salmon off, to all the chicks defecating.

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Dubai Porta Potty exposed viral video

I think this is the part that got most of the people interested in this topic on tik tok if you haven’t seen the cross video.

Dubai Porta Potty exposed viral video link

Now here comes the confession of a Nigerian woman who says that she has attended porta potty dubai many times these guys are super rich they hate their wives and are bored with life they pay anything for their crazy sex and I was crazy enough to accept the money. I had to be gang-banged by over 20 Saudi royalty at once and I made forty thousand dollars in two days at the time, so it was worth it that I had to literally Been harassed and deceived so many times I don’t understand why they like it.

Dubai Porta Potty Exposed Viral Video Twitter Link: Click Here

Dubai Porta Potty original video youtube

Another confession is the one that has gone viral on Twitter and Tik Tok about a woman who was taken on a 200-foot yacht and paid $40,000. She confessed that she had to board a 200-foot yacht on her first day During the two days was taken. Calm on her whole face and didn’t let her wipe, later men cleaned her face and second day it became more strange that second day a man came to her and they had physical relationship first and then it calms down her whole face But and when he thought he was finished, he sat down on her chest and dropped his Fico Mata on top of her, faces covered his chest and face and some even entered his mouth so that he himself was trying to free. slapped her and said it’s not over yet and she might lose her money and I think that’s what most people saw in that viral video

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