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As the deadline for filing tax returns approaches, taxpayers across India are understandably more concerned about filing their documents. This, coupled with new tax rules, has presented practitioners with a backlog problem. To do this, Fintech company Clear, formerly ClearTax, has launched the Clear Pro app to help tax professionals communicate with clients, track and share the status of returns, and perform several other jobs under one roof. Clear Pro is the first-ever mobile app for tax professionals to easily deliver fast compliance to clients. Tax professionals to this day mainly use communication platforms like WhatsApp and emails to talk to clients, manually check each filing and challan status on different portals.

“With Clear Tax Pro’s client communication feature, tax professionals can send reminders to all clients for data sharing to file their taxes with one click. It allows tax experts to email all clients with one click and initiate individual WhatsApp communications,” Clear said in a press release.

Clear’s new app will come in handy for tax practitioners, especially this month when taxpayers need to file their tax returns. The deadline for filing the ITR has been extended to December 31 by the government.

“Clear Pro is the very first application designed specifically for tax professionals. It aims to ensure timely compliance through communication, coordination and collaboration with customers,” said Archit Gupta, Founder and CEO of Clear.

In addition to communicating with clients, the app allows tax experts to check the status of GST returns and create, track, and share challans – all in bulk for multiple clients in one go.

The app also helps tax professionals save money for their clients with a smart recommendation model, which suggests the right path to create a challan. When creating challan, the application asks if the selected challan creation option is effective. If this is not the optimal method, the application indicates how much money can be saved by selecting the other options.

Here’s how you can use the Clear Pro app:

Step 1: Log into ClearPro using Clear Credentials or Google Credentials

Step 2: Add all your customers by scanning them through the “Scan to add customers” feature on the app

Step 3: Add email id and phone numbers to all your customers from the app or copy paste by logging into

Step 4: Send data request reminders to all your customers with a single click from the “Bulk Actions → Send Reminders” tab

Step 5: Check the deposit status of all customers in seconds from the app’s GST deposit tracking feature

Step 6: Download and share GST reports using captcha through the app’s GST reports feature

Step 7: Create, check status and share bulk challans with just a few clicks for multiple clients from the app’s ‘Challans Dashboard’ feature

Clear Pro also offers features such as “News at a Glance” and “Compliance Calendar”. Tax professionals can track all filing deadlines and extended due dates directly from the app’s calendar for GST, ITR, and ROC.

Earlier this year, Clear also launched MaxITC to help businesses manage input tax credit claims and ClearOne to digitize invoicing and e-invoicing. The SaaS company exploits tax compliance pain points with several products, including its most popular GST reporting platform ClearGST.

Clear has become the largest income tax and GST compliance platform for over 3,000 businesses and 5 million consumers.

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