iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price – iPhone 14 Titanium Colors LEAK!

Every color of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iphone 14 Pro Max models has been revealed this week. We have also been told that the iPhone 14 Pro models will be made of Titanium, so today I want to share with you the iPhone 14 Titanium color leak with all the iPhone 14 common colors as well as give you guys on the latest . iPhone 14 Pro Max release date and price are wanted with specifications, so now we are almost a month away from WWDC 2022 and everyone is looking forward to some great new software features for iPhone and other Apple devices.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price – iPhone 14 Titanium Colors LEAK!
iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price

wwdc 2022 will be Apple’s second 2022 event because last time we had Apple’s Peak Performance Event and it happened in March time and iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro were presented in some extra gorgeous green but now it’s a It’s time to see the successor. iPhone iPhone 14. Today I am going to give you guys the latest information on the leak and report what has come for iPhone 14 and then I am here with you guys with the price after the estimated release date. To provide a summary for all four models of iPhone 14 and how they are shaping up with their features and designs and also give you prices based on storage amount options.

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iphone 14 leak report

First let’s talk about the report of a new iPhone 14, so color and finish are a big deal when you choose a phone and especially the general iPhone range for new iPhones from the past few years. Saved the normal iPhone 13 and 13 mini is made of finished metal aluminum, but for the 12 Pro and 13 Pro models it is made from stainless steel, but this year there is going to be a little bit for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Is. as well. There is a shake up and we have heard that this time for the Pro model which will be made of titanium which is really exciting as it is stronger than stainless steel yet it is also lighter than the above, we have both for the iPhone 14 There’s a color leak for the 14 and 14 Pro models and it’s coming recently from the manufacturer’s plants that are actually making the iPhones, here’s a leak that reveals what colors to look for this year for both types of iPhone 14s. Hopefully, so does the iPhone 14 and the brand new iPhone 14 Max for that matter.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors

we are going to be midnight what is a black starlight what is a silver and white blue product red and also a purple one which will be similar to iphone 12 purple as you can see here so for iphone 14 pro and also this year On the iPhone 14 Pro Max we will get Graphite which is Gray and Black is Silver, White and Silver which is Gold which speaks for itself and then the Special Edition Color Pro is just like the previous three generations of iPhone. One of a kind extraordinary color that comes only for that year and this year for the iPhone 14 Pro model.

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iphone 14, Pro, Max Release Date

How do we know the release date is going to be the end of September, let me do a quick history lesson of the iPhone release, so if we go back to the iPhone 4S in 2011, this classic iPhone came out on October 14th of that year again. Skip a year from 2012 with the iPhone 5 was September 21, 2012. So let’s leave that to a few years back in 2016, where it was the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the release year for that was September 16th in 2019, we saw the release of the iPhone 10s on September 21st and 10r on October 26th and last year for example With the iPhone 12 model the release date was October 23 to November 13. Now mainly you can see that the release dates are either like mid-end September end of October if something special is coming or main exception of 2021 Where it was a bit unusual for the iPhone 12 to come out a little later, but it was because of covid so we had a release on all models although this year in 2021, we are back on schedule with the iPhone 13 And it is being released at the end of September with all four models having a release date of 24 September, so for 2022 apple is planning an event just before this happens, however we will see another event for other apple products such as the MacBook iPad Apple Watch AirPort and around that time loads more bits and pieces.

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iphone 14 price with specifications

We know so far including the prices of the iPhone 14 models, so along with the normal iPhone 14 it will be a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution of 2532 by 1170 sadly this phone still has a 60Hz refresh rate this year But we will get 6 gigabytes of RAM inside but we will have storage options of 128 gigabytes 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes of storage, we have been told that we are actually going to keep the A15 Bionic chipset inside the iPhone 14 and that four efficiency The core will be made up of two performance cores and a four-core GPU and also the main body of this brand new iPhone 14 will be an aluminum body like the previous generations, we will also have a dual camera at the back, a wide and an ultra wide camera. There will be the lens and then the battery inside will be the 3095 milliamp battery which will be the same size as the one we found inside the iPhone 13. The base model will cost 128 gigabytes and will start at US$799.

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iPhone 14 max price with specifications

moving on to the iphone 14 max and this is the brand new model this year replacing the iphone minis and this will be coming in at a six point seven eight inch display it’ll be an oled display and its resolution will be 2778 by 1280 and again it will be a 60 hertz refresh panel there’ll be six gigabytes of ram inside again the same storage as the normal iphone 14 so 128 gigabytes all the way up to 512 gigabytes and again that a15 bionic chipset will be inside this phone as well so that will be four efficiency cores two performance cores and there will also be a four core gpu core inside the actual body again will be made out of an aluminium body and again we’ll be getting those dual cameras of a wide and ultra wide camera lenses and then the actual battery size will be a 4 352 milliamp battery size what is the same what’s going to be inside the iphone 14 pro max but the base model of this one 128 gigabyte model will be starting at 899 us dollars for this brand.

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iPhone 14 Pro price with specifications

New iphone that apple introducing this year the next phone after this is into the pro world where we have the iphone 14 pro and this will be a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution of 2532 by 1170 and you’ll get that 120 hertz pro motion display just like what we got in the iphone 13. one big change what you can see here in the picture and a lot of leaks and rumors are saying is the notch will be dropped for the pro models it’s likely we’re probably going to get like a hole punch or a pill design but it’s not been confirmed exactly what this design will look like but we know it’s not going to be the notch underneath the hood though we’re going to be getting eight gigabytes of ram and there’ll be storage options between 128 gigabytes all the way up to one terabyte that a16 bionic again will have four efficiency source and 2 performance cores but the gpu core will actually have 5 cores very similar to like what we got with the 13 pro and the 13 pro max the actual main body this time is actually going to be made out of a titanium body and this is a first for apple and this is going to be absolutely incredible and on the back we’re going to get a triple camera setup just like what we’ve had ever since the iphone 11 but we will also get that lidar sensor those camera setup will be a wide ultra wide and the telephoto lens on the back and again that battery is going to be the same size as what we had with the iphone 13 and also the iphone 14 and that will be a 3095 milliamp battery size the base model of this is 128 gigabytes and it’ll be coming in at 999 us dollars.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Price with specifications

The final iphone to talk about is the iphone 14 pro max and this is the biggest one this one comes at 6.78 inch oled display with a resolution of 2778 by 1280 and again that will have a 120 hertz pro motion display just like the 14 pro again it will have that kind of peel or hole punch design just like i mentioned with the iphone 14 pro but underneath the hood we’ll get eight gigabytes of ram storage options between 128 gigabytes all the way out to one terabyte and then again that a16 bionic with four efficiency cores two performance scores and again five core gpu to be a little bit more special with the pro models again we’re gonna get that new titanium bottom and then we’re gonna get that triple camera lens and the lidar sensor so i’ll just say again the wide ultra wide and the telephoto probably again with a free time zoom and then that battery is the same battery that we will be getting in the iphone 14 max just like the one we got inside the 13 pro max and that will be a 4 352 milliamp battery the base model of this is 128 gigabytes and it’ll be coming in at 1099 us dollars.

so that is where we stand with the iphone 14 models and as time goes on more features will be added to this list and then we will get a more complete picture but if you want to get a more complete picture in the future and also get the latest details on leaks and reports on all the articles for the iphone 14s.

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