Jersey Box Office Collection 3rd Day Collection 2022

Shahid Kapoor’s film Jersey has slowly managed to hold its own at the box office. On the other hand, today we will talk about the Jersey box office collection 3rd Day so far for three days and will tell you how many crores the film has earned in its three days and whether this film will be a hit or not.

Jersey Box Office Collection 3rd Day Collection 2022

You know that in the film Jersey, you had seen many star cast with Shahid Kapoor, while the budget of the film was 60 crore rupees, but from the story of this film, Shahid Kapoor’s performance had become public, so he liked it a lot, due to which public operators liked it. This film was given a four star view and due to being a very good word of mouth, it was believed that the collection of the film would be very good, but in spite of this, as the film managed to open only four crore ten lakh rupees on its first day at the box service.

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Jersey Box Office Collection 2nd Day Collection 2022

With this, it was believed that there would be growth in the jersey box office collection 2nd and 3rd day of the film and this happened because the film earned only five crore five lakh rupees on the box service, getting very good growth on its second day but on the third day of the film.

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Jersey Box Office Collection 3rd Day Collection 2022

That is, if we talk about the collection of today’s Sunday, then the film will come. In the occupancy of the same, a growth of about ten to twelve percent was seen, that film on its third day i.e. today is earning around 6.10 crore rupees, due to which the total Hindi box service collection of Shahid Kapoor’s film Jersey for 3 days is 15.25 crore. There will be lakhs of rupees but this film will have to pass the test of Monday on its fourth day to hit the box service, only then this film will be able to hit the box service, then friends, what do you think the jersey film may still hit the box service or not and if you have seen this film then how did you like this film and if you will call this film a hit, you will definitely say that it is a block.

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