Kangana Ranaut has cast Mahima Chaudhry in the role of Pupul Jayakar in her upcoming film.

In a time of crisis, Kangana Ranaut has cast Mahima Chaudhry in the role of Pupul Jayakar in her upcoming film.

Kangana Ranaut posted a photo of Mahima Chaudhry on Instagram, announcing that she will play Indian writer Pupul Jayakar in Emergency.


Indian writer Pupul Jayakar will be portrayed by Mahima Chaudhry in Emergency, a film that will star Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut.


Kangana revealed the first look and shared the poster, writing, “Presenting @mahimachaudhry1 as the One who observed it all, and wrote for the world to experience the Iron Lady up close and personal. Emergency, friend, and writer #PupulJayakar.


The image was reshared by Mahima , who gushed over her upcoming role as “the One who watched it all and wrote for the world to experience the Iron Lady up up and personal.” #PupulJayakar I’m so honoured to have worked on #Emergency with you, dear friend, author, and confidante @kanganaranaut. You are tough, bold, and incredibly creative. It’s amazing how you can switch between being an actor, director, and producer with such grace. I appreciate you choosing me to play the lead.


Recently, Kangana Ranaut announced that Shreyas Talpade will play Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India’s ex-prime minister, in her upcoming film Emergency. Kangana shared the first look and poster for the film, writing, “Presenting @shreyastalpade27 as Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee in #Emergency, a great patriot whose love and respect for the nation was unrivalled and who was a young rising leader during the time of Emergency….”


Shreyas reposted the image with the caption, “Honoured & Happy to play one of the most Loved, Visionary, a real patriot & Man of the masses…”


Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, you are a Bharat Ratna. I can only pray that I can deliver on their high hopes. Thank you, @kanganaranaut, for imagining me to be Atal ji! Without a question, you are one of our country’s most gifted and adaptable actresses, but you also have considerable skill as an Actor’s Director. Urgent action is required at this time! Bappa Ganpati Morya.”


Earlier today, Kangana Ranaut released the first photo of Anupam Kher in her film Emergency on social media. The actress posted the poster online, confirming his casting as Jayaprakash Narayan.


After posting the image online, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “If there is darkness there is light if there is Indira there is JayaPrakash…. Here is your people’s hero, Lok Nayak JayaPrakash Narayan, played by @anupampkher. #Emergency. To which Anupam Kher replied, “Thank you for offering me this fantastic role of #JayaPrakashNarayan. Jai Ho!”


Months of waiting have finally paid off with the release of the first trailer for Emergency, starring Kangana Ranaut. In the video, the woman convincingly mimics the look and accent of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. When she uploaded the poster to Twitter, she captioned it, “Presenting #EmergencyFirstLook!” The portrayal of one of the world’s most influential and divisive female figures… The emergency shoot has started.

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