Rural Housing: Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants in USA 2022

What the programme is about

The Farm Labor Housing Loan and Grant program helps pay for the building of homes for domestic farm workers by giving loans and grants. Farm laborers can get loans and grants to buy, build, improve, or fix their homes. This includes people whose income comes from aquaculture (fish and oyster farms) and those who do processing on the farm. The money can be used to buy a site or a leasehold interest in a site, build housing, day care centers, or community rooms, pay fees to buy long-lasting furniture for the home, or pay the interest on a construction loan.

Program Requirements

Loans are made to:

  • Farmers; and
  • Associations of farmers; and
  • Family farm corporations; and
  • Indian tribes; and
  • Nonprofit organizations; and
  • Public agencies; and
  • Associations of farmworkers.

Most loan applicants can’t get credit anywhere else, but farmers who can get credit elsewhere may be able to get loans with interest rates based on how much it costs the government to borrow. There are grants for:

  • Farmworker associations; and
  • Nonprofit organizations; and
  • Indian tribes; and
  • Public agencies.

Funds could be used in cities to hire nearby farm workers. (This is the only rural service area that the Rural Housing Service doesn’t cover.)

Getting an application

After a Notice is put in the Federal Register, there is a two-step application process. In the first step, applicants send in a pre-application, which is used to find out if they are eligible and if it will work. Those whose pre-applications are chosen for more work will be asked to fill out an application. The pre-application is made up of SF-424.2, “Application for Federal Assistance (For Construction),” and the information listed in exhibit A-1 or A-2 of Rural Development regulations, 1944-D, as appropriate.


Loan Terms

Loans are given for 33 years, and the interest rate is 1%. Grants can pay for up to 90% of the costs of building something. The rest may be a loan from the Farm Labor Housing Program.

Get In Touch

For more information, please visit the Farm Labor Housing Loan and Grant program website.

Additional Information

Max Loan Length 33 years
Interest Rate 1%
Max Loan Amount Varies
Payment Frequency Monthly
Prepayment Penalties Varies
Fees Varies

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