Shaili Chikara Wikipedia (Biography), Age, Number, Boyfriends and Address

Good morning, in this post today we’re going to talk about Shaili Chikara Wikipedia (Biography), in which we’re going to tell you Shaili Chikara’s Age, Shaili Chikara Height, Shaili Chikara Amount, Shaili Chikara Tik Tok Star Address, Shaili Chikara Boyfriends, in this post we’re going to give you full details on how Shaili Chikara went viral and how it became a popular tik toker.

Shaili Chikara wikipedia

Shaili Chikara Wikipedia, Biography

Shaili Chikara is a popular Indian Tik tok star. Before Tik tok Star, she was also a fitness gym coach. This is a girl who is lovely and gentle. Shaili Chikara is fantastic for fitness. Shaili Chikara is a resident of the district of Narwana in India’s Haryana state, though her birthplace is also her hometown. It’s 26 years old for Shaili Chikara. Shaili Chikara is fond of working in movies.

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Shaili Chikara earns her money, fulfills all her needs, and she also helps the poor at the same time. Shaili Chikara began making Tik Tok videos in 2019 Shaili Chikara places Tik Tok fitness-related videos People liked the video and began following Shaili Chikara. On Tik Tok and many social media, Shaili Chikara is also popular today. The favorite color for Shaili Chikara is white. From a regular home, Shaili Chikara is.

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Shaili Chikara Tik Tok Biography

Shaili Chikara was born in 1994 in the district of Narwana in the Haryana State of India. Shaili Chikara is 26 now. She is Shaili Chikara’s strength and sports fitness mentor. She’s an IT expert as well. We don’t know about the family of Shaili Chikara. The actual name of Shaili Chikara is Shaili Chikara and Saly is her nickname. The profession of Shakti Chikara is a fitness instructor and sports, as well as her.

Shaili Chikara age

The youngest girl Shaili Chikara falls into the adult category. Shaili Chikara is 26 years old. A business coach and IT professional. Shaili Chikara is also a Tik Tok star.

Shaili Chikara Address

Shaili Chikara lives in Narwana district of Haryana, India. Narwana is her hometown. We do not know where Shaili Chikara lives in Narwana.

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Shaili Chikara Age, Shaili Chikara Height, Shaili Chikara Amount, Shaili Chikara Tik Tok Star Address, Shaili Chikara Boyfriends

Shaili Chikara number

Shaili Chikara hasn’t made her mobile number public on the internet because she’s going to get a lot of calls from her fans if Shaili Chikara makes her mobile number public on the internet, so she hasn’t made her mobile number public on the internet, so we can’t tell you Shaili Chikara’s mobile number.

Shaili Chikara Instagram

On Instagram, Shaili Chikara has an ID called @shaili chikara. On Instagram. Shaili Chikara has 165K followers and 850 posts. Navigate to Instagram Click Here

Shaili Chikara TikTok

Shaili Chikara has an ID on Tik tok as #Shaili Chikara. There are 4.5 million followers and 52.4 million likes of Shaili Chikara on Tik tok. Click Here to Go To Tik Tok Click Here

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Shaili Chikara Height and Color

The height of Shaili Chikara is 167cm and 5 feet 6 inches. Shaili Chikara is a five-foot six-inch beauty teen. The colour of Shaili Chikara’s eyes is blue and the colour of her hair is brown.

Shaili Chikara weight and body measurements

Shaili Chikara has a weight of 65 gm and 38-32-36 is her body measurement.

Shaili Chikara Boyfriends

Shaili Chikara is still not married. She’s an unmarried girl. Shaili Chikara has no official boyfriend yet. Shaili Chikara is actually single and there was no video or interview referencing her boyfriend or accompanying her.

Shaili chikara best thing’s

Shaili Chikara has Salman Khan as her favorite actor and Sonakshi Sinha as her favorite actress, Udit Narayan as her favorite singer, butter chicken as her favorite food and white as her favorite color.

Shaili chikara salary and net income

Talking about the salary and net income of Shaili Chikara, the salary is around 35000 par months and the net income is between 300000 and 400000 lakhs.

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