Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) Anchor Biography, Age, Birthday, Address

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar), if you watch tv9 news channel then you must have seen Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar). Let me tell you that Shubhankar Mishra is also very famous for his work on Tik Tok because he is a very good anchor and provides good quality news. Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) has gone viral due to his shayari on tik tok.

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar)  Anchor Biography, Age, Birthday, Address

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) Anchor Biography

Let me tell you, friends, that Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) is a news anchor and TV9 channel anchor. And on TV9 news channel, these are also used. You will also be very pleased to know that today, on Tik tok, Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) is very popular and is also featured on Tik Tok. Thanks to his shayari on tik tok, Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) has gone viral. On his Tik Tok channel and posts, Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) makes videos of Shayari. I continue to repeat shayari, and on Tik tok, Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) is very popular for that reason. You guys will read this post carefully today because in this blog post you will get full information about Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) today.

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Shubhankar Mishra Tv9 Anchor Biodata

Shubhankar Mishra hails from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India. The story of Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) is the story of him and his father. Shubhankar Mishra’s father had a dream of his son (Shubhankar Mishra) To be a very good engineer, when this dream was of his father, so Shubhankar Mishra’s (@theshubhankar) also had a dream and Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) did engineering for four years and after that Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) thought I want to get a floor and that floor is a Generalist and when Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) told his father that he wanted to become a Generalist, as if the land went under his feet and Shubhankar Mishra’s father told the mascot that son I spent millions of rupees on you, what will I tell people. No one spoke to Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) for several days and everyone was angry with Shubhankar Mishra and when Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) became the anchor, Papa said that son.

‘You are as good a generalist as ever Become such a big engineer’

Shubhankar Mishra Birthday           10 April
Shubhankar Mishra Age                 27 (Approx)
Shubhankar Mishra Address           Gonda, Uttar pradesh, India
Shubhankar Mishra Birth Town        Gonda, Uttar pradesh, India
Shubhankar Mishra Girlfriend          Not Known
Shubhankar Mishra Education          Engineering Degree
Shubhankar Mishra Job                      Journalist
Shubhankar Mishra Height                  5.7"
Shubhankar Mishra Weight                  68kg\
Shubhankar Mishra Contact number    Not available
Shubhankar Mishra Marital Status        Unmarried

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar ) age 

As I talk of Shubhankar Mishra’s birthday (@theshubhankarbirthday, )’s it is difficult to say the real age of Shubhankar Mishra because the real age is the same. Yeah, if you see, the age of Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) Between 25 and 35 (as of 2020), we will update on this page if we get any information about their real age. The age of Shubhankar Mishra is 27 year, according to me.

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Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) birthday

By the way, we have no information about the birthday of Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar). But I found a post on Instagram in which Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) has made his birthday as of April 10. Shubhankar mishra’s birthday is 10th april.

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar ) wife 

Let me tell you that Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) is not married because he told us I’m not yet married in a live Instagram video. So if you have any details, you can send it to our email, you will get it on our Email Contact Us page. We don’t know about Shubhankar Mishra’s wife (@theshubhankar). If I get any information, I will update it on this page, so we don’t know about his wife.

Shubhankar Mishra Contact Number

Shubhankar Mishra’s phone number is not public because if the phone number is public then the mascot will get a lot of calls, so the phone number of Shubhankar Mishra is not public.

Shubhankar Mishra Address

Shubhankar mishra’s address is gonda, uttar pradesh, india and that place of birth. Shubhankar Mishra currently lives in Noida and he works in TV9 News.

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar ) TikTok 

let me tell you that Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) makes news and videos of Shayari on Tik tok and he is famous on Tik tok for this same time. When I am writing this post, then Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) has 4.7 million followers and 122 million likes  on Tik tok. Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) has Tik tok username theshubhankar.

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar ) Facebook 

By the way, it is very difficult to get a Facebook profile of any popular person because many people can create more same IDs in the name of a popular person, but Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) gave a link to his Facebook profile on his Instagram. So I have taken a link to the Facebook account of Shubhankar Mishra from there. He has a profile on Facebook by the name of Shubhankar Mishra. You can go directly to their official account by clicking on their name here.


Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar ) Instagram 

Talk about Shubhankar Mishra’s Instagram. So they have become very famous on Instagram and there are 329k followers of Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) on InstagramShubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) keeps posting news and stories on Instagram as well. His username on the Instagram is theshubhankar_m. You can also go direct to their Instagram by clicking on it.

Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar)  Youtube 

Friends, let me tell you that if you search for Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) on YouTube, you will find many channels, but Shubhankar Mishra (@theshubhankar) does not have any personal YouTube channel, yet news channel Work for Tv9 Bharatvarsh.

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