Squid games netflix reality show given greenlight

Netflix has given a greenlight to the squad games in the challenge, which before continuing a series of reality show competitions based on the successful South Korean drama of 2021.

Squid games netflix reality show given greenlight
Squid Games

The News came from the squid game, which was already Netflix on Tuesday to work for Netflix Global Television Director on Tuesday. The squid game Challenge works on Tuesday according to 56 players will compete for $ 4.56 million since offering the biggest cash prize in history and television history with the largest artists. The competitive original program will go through a series of sports inspired, besides all will be tested for the purpose of their testing in addition to new additions.

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Strategies are eliminated around them as coalitions and character, currently recruited for the EST series in the fictional world. In this collective competition and social experiment, it is also announced that 456 competitive is in history filled with stress and unexpected twist. The largest television will navigate the competition, when the largest cash prize so far is known for 10 episodes and will also be signed.

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United Kingdom, a teaser video of the event, officially after the announcement of the announcement, officially after the announcement of Netflix, the squid game for a second season was premiered in September in the debut season of South Korea’s survival drama and its record was most It happened as a popular Netfli. All the time series to submit a view of more than 1,650 million hours in its first 28 days does not forget that YouTube Star Mr. BIS produced an informal competition of squid game, which in November from 250 million on YouTube Submit more visits, 25 -minute video was also praised by the same director of the original series, while Netflix has not commented and you would like to participate in a true squad game.

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