VIVO X80 Pro Global Review_ NEXT LEVEL Smartphone Photography

We are going to mainly focus on the flagship which is vivo x80 pro, now just in terms of pricing let me refresh your memory once again if you don’t know it already then the price of vivo x80 RM3499 Coming to the price and the vivo x80 pro is more expensive here, coming in at RM4999, so for that price increase or for that price difference of 1500 ringgit that you are actually getting on the vivo x80 pro, is it Really worth your money and whether a mobile camera is as good as they call it, let’s find out.

VIVO X80 Pro Global Review_ NEXT LEVEL Smartphone Photography
Vivo x80 Pro

VIVO X80 Pro Global Review

First of all I want to start with just focusing primarily on the camera, so we’re going to talk about it right now if you take a look at the back panel there’s a lot of stuff going on and I’ll tell you Let me explain very briefly so first you have 50 megapixel main sensor this is actually one of the custom made sensor from vivo it is made by samsung and it is really a very big sensor if you compare it with today Other flagships like the Samsung do from the S22 Ultra. You know the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it’s not the biggest in the industry just to let you know, but it’s one of the bigger ones, so you can get a lot out of there.

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One can only expect impressive pictures, after which you also have a 48-megapixel ultrawide sensor. a sony sensor Also you have a portrait lens this is a 12 megapixel portrait lens and last but not least if you look down we have this square shape you know the periscope kind of thing which is actually 8 megapixels telephoto lens is the verb ally do you know fivex optical zoom and 60x digital zoom, they are in reference to the sensor that hardware you find here on the back side also if you see we have the zeiss t-star logo is there again and again what does this t star mean if you don’t already know it means it has this coating on it that really prevents you from knowing the ghosts of images or you know your Image flare coming from the lights and all that I would put a very quick image side by side with an iPhone devices so you can really see how this T-Star really helps to reduce those ghosting effects and it How to make really really nice and crisp pictures that you can take at night. In addition to the lighting effect that I am going to show you now, if you go further down in the device it is actually Vivo’s latest v1 plus chip, now the chip is said to be able to help the device take itself. even better low light photos ok so now we’ve talked about the sensor.

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Let’s talk about the real world usage and how it actually feels to take pictures with vivo vivo x80 pro Now while taking pictures it is worth noting that the vivo x80 pro also comes with very fast zeiss button shortcut What it does when you tap the shortcut is that you’ll automatically lower the saturation level from the camera to negative 20. So then these are some pictures taken during the day. You can see they have great dynamic range. They come with a lot of detail.

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Everything looks very clear and sharp on these images. Here’s the color again I won’t comment here Too much on colors I would say if you turn on the Zeiss function you will be able to get a lot of true to live color, but again it is up to your personal preference if you want a more saturated approach just turn off Zeiss You know that other than day photos the functions look really really cool, again this is the best out of the whole flagship devices of vivo so you can expect to move on to night images now on the vivo x80 pro can do. This is where I wanted to see how good it is in terms of night images and then these are some samples that I took during a very dark night, now keep in mind that here these back buildings can look like Like they are very bright but it’s actually because the phone itself is doing a heavy job of illuminating the whole image.

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I noticed a very small amount of noise for night images, in the picture itself There is a lot of detail but sometimes it is what I would really like to be a bit brighter than it really is, it doesn’t retain the very original look but it does look a little brighter now it’s up to your personal preference Depends on some people they want to see a very bright image and it is really better for them so if you fall in that category then you will be very pleased with the upcoming night night images from vivo x80 pro as it gives perfect scenery. Does a great job of brightening up properly.

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