Meta plans to make VR headsets business-friendly

Starting in August, the company's VR hardware won't need a Facebook account to work. 

People will instead make a new profile, called a "Meta account," that is not linked to their other social media.

Meta plans to let companies set up business Meta accounts for their employees, manage VR headsets, and give employees a single sign-on next year. 

Meta didn't give any more information about these skills.

Some organizations looked for a way around the Facebook login requirement because it had led to complaints and concerns about privacy. 

The founder of Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Jeremy Bailenson, said that the school's VR classes use headsets made by Meta.

To protect the privacy of students, the lab had to ask Meta for help making classroom accounts that were anonymous.

Bailenson said, "I'm happy to see that hardware and social media are being kept separate."

Even when Facebook logins didn't make organizations' jobs harder, they sometimes made things more confusing.