Who is Alina Kabaeva? Putin’s alleged Girlfriend

Who is Alina Kabaeva Putin’s alleged girlfriend, Russia is already under unprecedented sanctions and now the EU may target former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, a politician, media boss, and Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend and some of his children, if the rumors are true.

Who is Alina Kabaeva
Who is Alina Kabaeva?

The sanctions imposed by the mother of the European Union and others are designed to punish. Elite politicians and other officials close to Mr Putin said his closeness to the president last month has benefited. The US and Britain imposed sanctions on his daughters Maria von Sowa 36 and Katarina Tikkanova 35. He has children with ex-wife Lid Mila, so far Ms Kabaeva has fled despite his alleged status. She must have felt something was coming. In March, an online petition demanded eviction from her residence in Switzerland.

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Sources have confirmed to the BBC that he is on the latest list of persons to be accepted by the European Union. According to AFP, he will be targeted for his role in promoting the Kremlin and for his close association with 69 former President Putin in the Quat. The draft document does not have his name as his partner and is yet to be officially signed by the European Union. Russia’s leaders on offer have always been extremely private when asked about their personal lives. He tried to dismiss the question, although he categorically denied a relationship with Ms. Kabaeva in 2008.

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The Moskovsky correspondent newspaper reported that he was planning to divorce and marry his wife, Lydmila. Ms. Kabaeva both rubbished the story shortly after officials shut down the newspaper. Mr Putin would announce his split after five years at that time in Lydmila. The Russian president was in denial, he was involved with MS Kabaeva, she was transitioning from a successful sports career to one in politics. His chosen discipline was rhythmic gymnastics, where competitors perform routines with the aid of equipment such as ribbons and balls; MS Kabaeva at his peak has claimed to be the best in the world, named after him and the team that I was a leading artist. Russia, which dominated the sport, won every Olympic gold medal available from 2000 to 2016. Born in 1983, she started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of four, said her coach, Irina Viner, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her beside the girl. A rare combination of two qualities important in rhythmic gymnastics flexibility and agility and quat Ms Kabaeva would be known as Russia’s most flexible woman in quat and she made her international debut in 1996 and 2000 with a surprise appearance at the 1998 European Championships in Sydney. was the winner.

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Uncanny error with the Olympics and the hoop cost her dearly, she let it roll off the floor and she could only manage bronze four years later at the all-round event in Athen, better able to take home gold by the time of her retirement. Having won 18 World Championships medals and 25 European Championships medals on top of her Olympic awards like other Russian athletes, she has not avoided losing her medals in an event to a doping stain. After testing positive for a band substance in 2001 she went into politics with a seat in the lower house of Russia’s parliament from 2007 to 2014, becoming chair of the national media group in 2014 with the ruling United Russia party, which has approximately All major Russian state media outlets have such outlets relentlessly pumping out pro-Kremlin messages on the war in Ukraine, alleging that Ukrainians are shelling their own cities and sending Russian troops to liberators. Posing as she is, her status has reportedly made her a wealthy woman with leaked documents revealing that she earns around $12. million dollars 9.7 million pounds per year It is not known when he and Mr. Putin first met but it is not uncommon for a prominent Olympian to meet the president of a country. There is a photo of the pair in 2001 when Mr. Putin They were awarded the Order of Friendship, a top state honour, with rumors that they have children together, although reports vary as to how many Swiss newspapers reported that MS was a boy in a special clinic near Lake Lugano in 2015 and There was another boy in the same location in 2019, but the Wall Street Journal said at Sunday time that he had twins in Moscow in 2019, though they disagreed about how many children the Kremlin has. Such reports back in 2015.

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Mr. Putin’s spokesman said that the information about the birth of a child born by Vladimir Putin did not correspond to the reality in the quote such as the publicly protected nature of Mr. Putin. He never gave the names of those children. Not to mention who is with his Lydmila. Instead of saying that she has two adult daughters, speculation is likely to continue that Ms. Kabawa has been in the limelight ever since and reports of her relationship with Mr. Putin surfaced. A Vogue cover in 2011 where she wore a precious gold dress from French fashion house Balmain at the 2014 Winter Olympics in april, She appeared at a junior gymnastics festival in Moscow, dismissing suggestions that she was hiding there, praising Russia’s war effort, with some outlets noting that she had worn a wedding band since the Ukraine War. There were calls for him to face sanctions, with the Wall Street Journal suggesting that the US is reluctant to sanction Ms. Kabaeva for fear that it was such a personal blow to Mr. Putin and in quat. Understandably, while this could further escalate tensions, it may not be completely off the table, although when the White House was asked in April why he was not on their latest list, the press secretary responded. and no one is safe and enough.

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